Nerd Alert 114: Enter At Your Own Risk

What we're reading this week
 Ben: "The more you let engagement metrics drive editorial, the more your site will look like a Taboola widget".  Gabe: Some general tips for talking tech with non-tech people. Don’t assume anything and be ready to explain things in multiple ways, because people have different ways of understanding things.  Julia: Check out the American Press Institute's report on how Americans decide what news to trust on social media.  Kay: Uncovering forgotten stories in handwritten text: the Europeana Transcribe project is using crowdsourcing to transform over 200,000 items from WWI into digital data for journalists and historians.

Nerd Alert 113: Oh, Danny Boy…

Featured in this week's Nerd Alert: Largo office hours, journalism jobs, the freshest news tech, and one particular green grouch...

Reveal Oroville Dam

Nerd Alert 110: When Bots Write News

This week's newsletter features bots writing news, an AI-driven solution to combating internet trolls, good jobs, great jams 🎶 and much more.

dog and cat hug

Nerd Alert 109: Eclipse Season

This week's links feature a farewell from Adam, tips on telling stories with Google Maps, a talk on the Ethics of Open source, all the hottest jobs in journalism, and, of course, Zoodles (because why not?) Plus much, much more.

Goodbye. Thanks For Everything.

Today is my last day at INN. It's been a privilege to work this past 4+ years supporting a nationwide network of over 120 nonprofit news organizations. But now I'm excited to turn my attention to a single organization that I really admire. I start next week as a senior developer for Mother Jones.