Nerd Alert 113: Oh, Danny Boy…

Featured in this week's Nerd Alert: Largo office hours, journalism jobs, the freshest news tech, and one particular green grouch...

Reveal Oroville Dam

Nerd Alert 110: When Bots Write News

This week's newsletter features bots writing news, an AI-driven solution to combating internet trolls, good jobs, great jams 🎶 and much more.

dog and cat hug

Nerd Alert 109: Eclipse Season

This week's links feature a farewell from Adam, tips on telling stories with Google Maps, a talk on the Ethics of Open source, all the hottest jobs in journalism, and, of course, Zoodles (because why not?) Plus much, much more.

Nerd Alert 108: Feeling Burned Out?

This week's links have tips on FOIA, burnout, WordPress development, and much, much more...and have you ever tried a Lord Nibbler?

Improvements to our Support Process

We're happy to announce that we are rolling out new improvements for how we provide Largo support. These changes aim to streamline the process of submitting support tickets and to make our comprehensive support documents easier to find and use. As of today, here are the changes that you may notice:

You no longer need a login for our support portal to submit a request. Simply send an email to at any time and we will be in touch with an answer. will continue to house our extensive knowledge base where you can find how-to guides and answers to common questions.

Week 2: Immersion Continues

Last Friday marked the end of my second week at INN. To be honest, though, it feels like I've been here for much longer - something I take as a sign of great culture fit. Everything that was so new in the first week is becoming more familiar and the continued support of the INN team is making it exciting to ramp up quickly.