Reimagining Largo

Over the past few months, we've been soliciting feedback about Largo from members and the broader journalism-tech community – how they use it, what they like about, and, most importantly, what we can do to make it better. The next version of Largo is a full rewrite of the theme, with new layouts, easier customization, and additional editorial controls. We're keeping the most important parts of Largo – the features that are unique to the needs of publishers – but this is a great time for us to rethink the way we're meeting our member's needs and fill some of the gaps we've identified since the last major version. So far, the most common feedback we've received has been about the need to easily customize a Largo site after launch. Site owners want to have more control over page layouts and an option to add their own CSS directly to the theme.

Improvements to our Support Process

We're happy to announce that we are rolling out new improvements for how we provide Largo support. These changes aim to streamline the process of submitting support tickets and to make our comprehensive support documents easier to find and use. As of today, here are the changes that you may notice:

You no longer need a login for our support portal to submit a request. Simply send an email to at any time and we will be in touch with an answer. will continue to house our extensive knowledge base where you can find how-to guides and answers to common questions.

Announcing Largo 0.5.5

This is a big release that we've been working on for the past nine months or so and it includes a lot of great new features we think you'll love as well as a bunch of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

Keep calm and call the help desk sign

Improvements to Largo Support Process

The help desk system we’ve been using has proven to be a bit confusing and not as flexible as we would like so we’ve decided to make a switch. Starting this week, and officially launching May 1st we’ll be launching a new support portal at

Map of active IP addresses

INN Member Website Review: October 2015

My review this month of the 100+ INN Member websites shows a very healthy community. Among them I found thousands of examples of insightful reporting, excellent storytelling, and engaging design. As with any sample of 100 websites there are bound to be things we might improve. I’d like to suggest three priorities we could work on together over the next year.

a young boy on a TV show asking a question

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You…Unless You Don’t Ask

When talking with people we believe know much more than us about a given topic, we sometimes minimize our knowledge up front. Saying “I don’t know much” is a smart strategy if we suspect the expert will act like a jerk in response to our question. I can safely say that none of the INN Nerds will ever treat you this way.