A looping gif of a segment of a Japanese baseball game. The pitcher, the batter, and the umpire appear to be dancing, because of how the gif loops.

Nerd Alert 87: Last-Minute Labor Day Newsletter

Featuring Alexandra Millatmal, coding instructor at Omaha Code School, as well as a selection of union-made beers, a baseball dance, pronouns, Pantsuit, programming, push notifications, plus passwords.

Carl Sagan with the Viking Lander

Nerd Alert Issue 58: Red Datum, Blue Datum. One Datum, Two Data

Some people call us nerds, some call us engineers, and we're happy with all that. But scratch of us beneath the surface and you'll quickly reach our inner Carl Sagan. That's right, we're cosmologists of news. So in a galaxy far, far away let's boldly go where no one has gone before.